Cancun To Akumal Trip

5 dni / 109 km / godzina 27 minut

The defensive reef in the straight at Akumal is enormous to such an extent that waves can't disturb the cove and that makes for some incredible swimming. Akumal is known for the loggerhead and green ocean turtles that swim and feed in the inlet. The turtles are abundant and used to people.

There are visit bunches that do swimming outings in the straight, however you don't have to lease a vessel or a manual for go swimming with the turtles. There are a few alternatives for purchasing or leasing swimming gear. You can get snorkel gear at a sensible cost at the Walmart in Playa del Carmen or you can lease some from one of the nearby plunge shops on the sea shore.

With snorkel gear close by, head down to the sea shore past the line of pontoons along the shoreline. You will realize the best spot to swim when you see different swimmers or visit bunches in the water. Swimming with the turtles will leave you with an energy about their quality and effortlessness. Their solid front blades move them through the water astoundingly up for air you can look at them without flinching. Make certain to give them their space as it is illicit to contact the turtles.

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